What does ‘luxury’ really mean?

Posted 18th August 2014

What does ‘luxury’ really mean?

What does ‘luxury’ really mean?

The word ‘luxury’ is probably the most over-used term in our industry!  There are hundreds if not thousands of ski chalets to choose from in the Alps, and virtually all describe themselves as ‘luxury’…  So how do you distinguish between them?  Which chalets are one-star and which are five-star?  Which chalets have the genuine wow factor and which have been overly generous with their ‘luxury’ description.

Luxury, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s a very subjective matter – in fact one person’s luxury may be someone else’s bog standard!  So allow us tell you what we think makes a true luxury chalet and holiday experience….

The Oxford English dictionary defines luxury as:

“A state of great comfort or elegance especially when involving great expense.

At NINE & TENNE we don’t 100% agree with this definition.  We do agree that luxury includes large amounts of comfort and elegance but we don’t think it has to break the bank.  For us, this definition amounts more to ‘extravagance’… whereas ‘luxury’ should be comfort and elegance…. priced accordingly.

Our premium collection of chalets in Chatel have been picked for their individual beauty, style and unique attributes, and we’re confident you will find all of them luxurious, because they’ve all been created with guest’s comfort and enjoyment in mind.  They have plenty of space, natural light, amazing views and stylish interior designs.  Attention to detail is key, with skilled workmanship, natural materials, antique furniture and fine linens blended perfectly with modern technology and 5* facilities.

When it comes to ski chalets, location is also a very important factor.  All of our chalets are based in Petit Chatel, just above the village with breathtaking views and within easy reach of the town and slopes.

Luxury extends beyond the physical properties at NINE & TENNE – with the finest quality service that exceeds your expectations in every area.  The perfect balance of genuine hospitality, local insight and flexibility… all delivered with discreet and friendly professionalism.

There is no genuine star rating system in the ski chalet industry as with hotels or restaurants, and it is not our place to critique.  Ultimately there is no way to prove which chalets fit the description of ‘luxury’ – it’s up to YOU, the customer, to decide.

And based on what our customers tell us each year, we are proud to wear the ‘luxury’ badge, and work hard to constantly improve our offerings to be worthy of the term!

So here’s our own definition of ‘luxury’:

“A unique and exclusive product or service that makes you feel special … that delivers unexpected pleasures above and beyond what is essential or necessary. It exists in the small details that differentiate an experience from the rest.”

We hope our thoughts and understanding of the term ‘luxury’ gives you the confidence to choose NINE & TENNE when booking your next luxury ski chalet holiday.  If you would like any further information please contact us or browse our luxury ski chalets on the website.

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